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Our approach to working with children  

Organisational results consistently confirm that Relationships Australia South Australia (RASA) programs contribute significantly to healthy relationships and support recovery from adverse experiences. They also strengthen social cohesion, cultural respect and community resilience. Our restorative practice philosophy, child focus orientation, cultural fitness and Results Based Accountability practices are all embedded within the organisation, providing an organisational climate that nurtures and grounds an effective approach to working with children.  

At the heart of all RASA services lies a commitment to ‘think children and young people’. Child-focused practice is embedded in the daily work of all RASA practitioners. This means that issues affecting children’s safety and wellbeing are actively identified with all parents who use a RASA service, even when the program is not about parenting or children’s issues. We also seek to support families in enjoying their relationships with their children and to assist communities in recognising the importance of healthy child development, as well as appreciating the contribution children and young people make to the community.  

Programs that work with parents use a combination of parent education and practical strategies that can be implemented at home to strengthen positive parenting and nurturing skills. We specialise in assisting parents to become confident and proud of their parenting, especially parents who may have received little positive parenting themselves and/or are struggling as a result of relationship conflict, violence and separation.  

We believe that the wellbeing and safety of children are founded in flourishing and healthy families and communities.   

RASA Welcomes Time for Kids!


Merger Celebrations!

On 1 December 2018the not-for-profit organisation ‘Time for Kids officially merged with RASA. Time for Kids and RASA invited stakeholders of the program to join us in celebrating our new partnership on 20 February 2019The event was a great opportunity to get to know some Time for Kids families, volunteer carers, donors and supporters, forming a strong foundation for our new relationships with them.  

The Time for Kids program matches children and young people in need with volunteer carers and mentors, creating lasting, family-like relationships that support changed life directions and improve long-term outcomes for young people, as well as enriching the lives of the volunteers involvedWe would like to say a big thank you to the community members who provide regular care to a child in need.  

Time for Kids released a Social Impact Analysis that shows a minimum of 26.8% of all children supported meet the benchmark for a “successful intervention”. Based on this percentage of success and current service delivery costs, conservative estimates indicate a program-wide return on investment ratio of 8:1, with $8 per dollar invested returned in long-term savings to the broader community.

volunteer hours contributed
$ 3310000
financial value of volunteer hours

On the philanthropic side, Time for Kids has launched two new fundraising strategies: Lionheart League for regular giving and the Lionhearted Donor Circle.  

We would like to acknowledge the following ambassadors who continue to provide their support to Time for Kids: Andrew Bradley, Professor Mark Halsey, John Heard, Robert & Annabel Smith, Peter Scales, Paul Southern and Niki Vincent and our newest ambassador Graeme Goodings.   

Thank you to our ambassadors and all the donors and supporters who provide monetary or in-kind support; your generosity means a lot to Time for Kids.  

We look forward to deepening our relationship with everyone invested in the Time for Kids program and making new connections in 2019 and beyond. 

Find out more about Time for Kids by visiting their website here.  

Over the 2018 – 2019 year, Time for Kids major funders were Department for Child Protection, Department of Human Services, Estate Late Harry Leslie Howden Bequest, Morialta Charitable Trust Fund, The Wood Foundation. The service relies heavily on philanthropic support, donations and inkind support; please see who else has supported here.

Community Events and Activities

Just some of the events held over 2018/19 include:

  • 2018 Christmas Party for Special Children
  • Adelaide Crows v North Melbourne AFL Game
  • Back2Back Activity Days
  • Circus Quirkus Show
  • Edmund Rice Camps
  • Goals Club Sept
  • Kids Army Day Experience
  • Kidsflix Movie Events
  • LOV Adelaide Zoo Tickets
  • LOV Royal Adelaide Show
  • Mindful Making Art Class
  • One50 Dance Workshop
  • Razzamatazz Variety Show
  • Rosalie’s Cooking Classes
  • Royal Adelaide Show
  • Star Wars in Concert
  • Surf for Life Workshop
  • Time for Kids Open House Party
  • Toc H Camps
  • VIA Easter Picnic at Zoo
  • VIA Surprise Party
  • World Festival of Magic

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